• Steve R

    Steve R

    🇬🇧 Veteran. Information Security Specialist. Network Engineer.

  • Tomas Augusto Germano

    Tomas Augusto Germano

  • Brad Emge

    Brad Emge

  • Dev Dua

    Dev Dua

  • Ryan James Atkins

    Ryan James Atkins

  • Helen Patton

    Helen Patton

    Cyber Security, Technology Ethics, and Humanity. What else? I can be found on Twitter @CisoHelen

  • Raanan Azoulai

    Raanan Azoulai

    VP at Reflectiz with over 20/y of experience in marketing, hi-tech and startups. Reflectiz is the leading provider of third-party application security solutions

  • Jeff Williams

    Jeff Williams

    I’m an application security optimist — let’s make sure the security of the world’s software is observable and work in harmony to improve!

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